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When preparations for a wedding fall apart and long unanswered family questions come to the fore, the stage is set for a roller-coaster of revelations and emotions. Hold on to your wedding hats to see where the circle ends!
Back to the Queen’s Hall Theatre by popular request, internationally renowned Queen Tribute band The Bohemians with thier "Queen Greatest Hits Tour"
After many years of playing together, John Williams and John Etheridge are excited to announce that the classical guitarist and composer Gary Ryan is joining them in a colourful and varied programme of solos, duos and trios. Williams and Etheridge will play some of their most popular pieces together with Gary Ryan.
The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons relocate Shakespeare’s classic tragedy
The show is the most authentic and ONLY double tribute show of two cult classic films, performed both musically and visually in one night. The first half is dedicated to ‘The Commitments’ and the second to ‘The Blues Brothers’ all performed by a 12 piece cast in a show of two halves.

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