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 The Sound of Music

                                 January 2nd - 4th 2020

Pre-audition Sing-Through – Monday 8th July, 7pm, Garden Room

Children’s Auditions – Sunday 14th July, 2.30pm, Garden Room

Adults’ Auditions – Tuesday 16th July, 7.30pm, Main Hall

Audition pieces have been emailed out to those already on my list, but if you are thinking of joining us for this iconic show, there’s still time before the auditions begin. So please email me if you are interested: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A reminder of the characters:

Maria Rainer – a postulant at Nonnberg Abbey, young, free-spirited, kind 20-30s

Captain Georg von Trapp – retired Austrian Naval Captain, strict but warm-hearted 40-50

Max Detweiler – First Secretary at the Ministry of Culture and Education, charming, vital and a true and loyal friend to the Von Trapp family 40-60

Baroness Elsa Schräder – sophisticated, wealthy, “would-be” fiancée of the Captain 30-40

Franz the Butler (non-singing) formerly the Captain’s orderly, formal but spirited 40-50

Frau Schmidt (non-singing) – housekeeper, stoic and efficient, does not like being whistled for! 40-60

Mother Abbess – strong and authoritative, but understanding and kind 40-60s

Sister Berthe, Mistress of the Novices – strict and a little prudish 40-60s

Sister Margaretta, Mistress of the Postulants – loves and supports Maria 40-60s

Sister Sophia – loves Maria but tends to stick by the rules 40-60s

Rolf – young postman who later becomes a Nazi soldier. His affection for Liesl leads him to save the family from capture by the Nazis. 16-18

Herr Zeller (non-singing) – Gauleiter of the local Nazi party. Stern and unsmiling. Cameo rôle. 40-60

Admiral von Schreiber (non-singing) – called to bring Captain von Trapp to Bremerhaven. He admires his feats in WW1. Cameo rôle. 40-50

Eight Nuns – ladies auditioning to be nuns will also be asked to cover the rôles of contestants in the concert and party guests, also the rôle of Ursula, the housemaid.  Wide age range from 16 – 70.

Four gentlemen will be required to play party guests and Nazi soldiers. A small commitment in terms of rehearsals, but not performances!

The Von Trapp children:

Liesl – the oldest child, growing into a young woman, deeply drawn to Rolf. Cares for her younger siblings and develops a strong friendship with Maria. Age 16.

Friedrich – the eldest son, very aware of his position in the family. Presents a tough exterior. Close to Liesl. Age 14.

Louisa – The rebel of the family. Enjoys playing jokes. Age 12.

Kurt – Kind-hearted and mischievous. Age 11.

Brigitta – Perceptive and smart. Reads a good deal. Age 9.

Marta – sweet and gentle. Pink is her favourite colour. Age 7.

Gretl – the baby of the family. Very cute and lovable. Age 6 (but must be played by a 7+ child, according to HTC rules).


Jane Jones, Production Manager

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