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Auditions - Tuesday 16th July @ 7.30 Garden Room, The Henfield Hall

and Sunday 21st July @ 2.30 in the Main Hall, The Henfield Hall.

One Man Two Guvnors -  Characters

Francis Henshall  Rotund Ducker and Diver

Male 20 -50

Rachel Crabbe  Sister of Roscoe Crabbe

Female 20 - 40

Stanley Stubbers  Public school crook

Male  20 - 40

Alan Dangle  Harry’s wannabe actor son

Male 20 - 40

Harry Dangle  Charlie’s bent Solicitor

Male 40 - 60

Lloyd Boateng  Shady Brighton Hotel owner

Male 30 - 60

Dolly   Charlie’s book keeper

Female 20 -50

Charlie 'Charlie the Duck' Clench   Dodgy Scrap Dealer from London

Male 40 - 60

Pauline Clench  Charlie’s daughter

Female 20 – 40

Alfie   Octogenerian waiter

Male  Any Age (Physically demanding – make up provided!)

Gareth Head Waiter

Male or Female  Any age (could double for Ensemble)

Christine Patterson  Audience plant

Female  Any age


Policeman, Clergyman, Old Lady


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Rehearsals start Mon 12 Aug  and are all Mondays and Thursdays until the show.

 Workshops and Sunday rehearsals start 15th September.

For more information contact the Director Peter Ingledew on 07970 596489  


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